Coffee field trip

The coffee field trip is where I had to buy a coffee based beverage and complete at report about it. I chose to go to Starbucks because I as near one in Burnaby and I ordered a coffee frappuccino. I normally don’t drink frappuccinos but the one I had  tasted really good. It was sweet and had the right amount of coffee. I would recommend it to others.


Caesar salad

I had never made Caesar salad dressing, or croutons from scratch so this lab was new. The salad preparation was simple and the dressing wasn’t hard. You needed to pay special attention to the croutons while broiling them and make sure not to burn them. We did a good job of that and out finished croutons and salad tasted great.

Coffee lab

The coffee lab was a quick and easy one. Recipes were very straight forward and our unit chose the Cold Mocha. I tasted great and the coffee to sweetness ratio was great. Clean up was easy and overall easy lab.

High tea

This lab was fun making small sandwiches. They were pretty hard to make especially trying to get a consistent size. The finished products tasted good and the tea was also very good. There was a lot to do but we finished in time.